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About the USA Grits N' Gravy Gang™

Started in May of 2011, The USA Grits N' Gravy Gang™ was conceived during a friendly rag-chew session on Echolink.  The premise was to have a friendly group of people that wanted to talk - didn't matter to who, didn't matter if you had talked to them ever before - just the idea that people having a nice chat and rag-chew should be a good time.  This led to the creation of the conference server AB1JU-L, the original home to the USA Grits N' Gravy net™.  Friendly people and conversations is what it is all about, come and join us anytime!

The USA Grits N' Gravy™ Conference server is running TheBridge, an Echolink conference server software package. Running on a high-speed internet connection, the USA Grits N' Gravy™ Conference Server is ready for your rag-chew, so connect up and start chatting!

In May of 2015, in celebration of the USA Grits N' Gravy Conference Server™ four year anniversary, we changed from AB1JU-L to an official conference server name of *USA-GNG*. Come and help us celebrate!

The three original people in on the creation conversation are:

KC8CRJ - Will (Now W8ILL)

Well, what can we say... a great friendly person who is glad to talk to you.  Almost always around, give a call out and have a chat!

K1TMM - Tom

Another original to the Gang - Hosts a RF link in CT while connected to the Gang's conference server.

AB1JU - Brian

Our technical guru - Owner & trustee of the *USA-GNG* conference. (Chief Cook and Head Bottle Washer)

The "Behind the Scenes" Gang:

AB5JK - Jim

One of the admins and the maintainer of the conference server; an all around great guy. He also is the owner of the *STARLINK* conference - Stop in and say hi!

General Administration:

AB1JU - BrianK1TMM - TomAB5JK - Jim


Net control operators:

W8ILL, Will - Net control for the USA Grits N' Gravy net™ (if you are interested in being a net control operator, please use the Contact Us form and let us know!)

If you are a net control operator for a net that is not listed, please use the Contact Us page or contact one of the site admins to be added to this listing.


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