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Towel Day - Don't Panic


The USA Grits N' Gravy™ Conference Server and Website is hosted by our friends at:

Bamboo Partners - Technology Consultants for Technology Users™.

The servers that both the *USA-GNG* conference and this website run on do need to be fed with electric on a daily basis, also all the hard work behind the scenes needs coffee. Not to mention, decent internet service isn't cheap either.

Everyone is of course free to use what we have created, we don't and never will charge for the use of these resources. But, if you are feeling generous and enjoy what we have done, feel free to throw a little something our way.

Recent donations were used to upgrade the website, pay the yearly fee for our conference name and to get a faster internet connection - we can now host more users at once!

Help defray our operating costs and help make the USA Grits and Gravy Gang™ a better experience... Donate today!

* Due to Paypal fees, the minimum amount of a donation is set to $5.00.
We appreciate your understanding.


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